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Merry Christmas

By : Ryan Read

 From everyone here at My Life as a Comic Book Reader. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. The website is moving to its new location in a few weeks. Look for the direct link and in late January we will be closing the blog down and moving to the new Mooper Films website and blog. Thank you again for all of your support that made My Life as a Comic Book Reader real.

20 Years Ago this month I returned to Comics

By : Ryan Read

 Hard to believe it was December of 1994, I was coming out of a very horrible time during my sophomore year in high school and I said hello to an old friend, comic books. Yes, its been highlighted in the story but I returned to reading comics regularly again with X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Alpha as one of my first books. I was very amazed by the cover and the story idea that I grabbed it along with my copies of Spider-Man and Green Lantern in December 1994 and the rest is history. Its amazing how being away from comics for so long was so easy to jump back into. All it took was a great hook, an eye catching cover and like saying hello an old friend, I was a comic book reader again. Now, twenty years later, I look back at that moment as a major turning point during my teenage years and one for the better.

My Life as a Comic Book Reader is here

By : Ryan Read

Hello Everyone,
 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I have great news, your copies of My Life as a Comic Book Reader are on their way and the book is officially for sale through Amazon. Books are being printed and are expected to be delivered on December 10th. I will be signing and mailing them off the next day or dropping them off in person if you live locally. Copies that are to be signed by Natisha will be sent out the following week. She is returning from school that week and will be signing the books and sending them off immediately after that. The plan is to have all backers with their copies by Christmas Eve. I also expect the audio book to be complete and ready for download around the week of the 17th. I have to re-record a few voices and if you are getting commission work by Natisha, please complete surveys to get those to her as soon as possible.
  Its here! Thank you everyone, its so amazing to see my book published and I have everyone here to thank for it. Thank you once again.

The January 2015 Pull List

By : Ryan Read

  If you have been following me on Twitter or my Facebook page, you will see that I recently released a poster on four comic books I plan on reading starting this January. Now, many of you also know that I had to drop all my books except for Ms. Marvel due to my wife being unemployed since May and having to sell off several pieces of my collection to get some debt paid off. Truth be told, that major debt has finally been paid off and right now we are just trying to get a little ahead on bills until Christmas. With My Life as a Comic Book Reader also reaching its conclusion for publishing and a few other situations finally bringing themselves to a conclusion. I decided I would try to put a new pull list under $10 a month together. I was really careful with this list but there was a reason why I chose the four titles above and why I decided to start it off with the New Year.

1. The Stray: By Vito Delsante and Sean Izaakse from Action Lab Comics, which had issue 1 funded on kickstarter. The book caught my attention right away and after reading issue #1 and then finding out it would be a monthly series under Action Lab Comics, the same people who help to bring Jamal Igle's Molly Danger to life I knew I had to pick up this book. What I love about Stray is the legacy aspect of it. Something that caused me to leave DC Comics behind was I hated how the legacy aspect was thrown out after Flashpoint. While I was enjoying many of their titles it was what happened with Earth 2 and then the constant events to Future's End that made me just give up. One character I loved since I returned to comics in the mid 90s was Hourman. I loved the entire Tyler line from Rex to the android Hourman but Rick Tyler was my favorite. I proudly hang a full page drawing that Leonard Kirkman did for me in 2005 in Chicago of Rick in his full Hour of Power glory. When he married Jesse Quick and they had a kid on the way. I was so looking forward to the entire Tyler family's adventure. Then Flashpoint happened and Rick, Jesse and baby Tyler were gone and barely even referenced again. Even worse, my son, Tyler is named after the characters. Now, after 3 years since Flashpoint and the New 52, here came The Stray and I fell in love with the book. Seeing the origin of the character and the super hero universe he has makes me think of that classic legacy and also reminds me of Hourman and even Wildcat. I am ready for the Stray and its on my top pick for books to begin 2015.

2. Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan is this generation's Peter Parker, I knew when I read the original premise for the book I told myself I would need to pick this up and I am so happy I did. Ms. Marvel has just been a great book. I love the character of Kamala but its her entire cast that really makes me want to check this book out each month. In the first days of Peter Parker, you had someone who was the everyday person, an accident lead to him getting his powers, his life fell apart when his uncle died and he had to learn to be a hero while trying to be just a normal teenager and later adult. Flash forward to Kamala and you have a girl who is trying to figure out who she is but also wishes she could be like her idol, Captain Marvel and what happens? She gets hit with the Terrigen Mists, her life gets turned upside down and she has to face a villain who basically has a cult following. With Peter back in the mid 60s it was just a cut and dry super hero book and now with Ms. Marvel, its the same. When I had to drop all my books the last few months I said: "I'm holding on to Kamala because this is a book I cannot read. I am so happy I didn't and that I can continue reading this series.

3. Uncanny Avengers: This was a book that sadly had to be dropped when I had to stop with my comics and I ended up getting the final 3 issues to the current volume and thanks to my family I have been able to get Axis a few weeks after the book comes out. Now, with the book relaunching with some of my favorite members, I really want to read this book again. I had to sell off several of my beloved Guardians of the Galaxy and some of my favorite Avengers books to take care of the debt my family had. Uncanny Avengers remained and with the current volume complete, I really want to try and keep on that legacy of the series. I was really torn on getting this book or trying to pick up Spider-Man again since I did regular reviews on the book and do love my Spider-Man but due to the current Spider-Verse and other books getting just too much money to pick up twice a month. I had to make a choice for a regular monthly series and Rick Remender's book won out. As much as I want to read All-New Captain America and its sister title, Mighty Avengers or the Superior Iron Man or All-New Thor. I made my decision and the Avengers Unity team won out.

4. Ant-man: I have always loved Ant-man and I read the last series by Robert Kirkman and now with the movie coming out and everything else, I had to pick up the adventures of Scott Lang because I LOVED the creative teams work on Superior Foes of Spider-Man. It was this or Squirrel Girl and that was  tough choice but Ant-Man won out in the end and I'm very happy to be picking up this book again.

 There you go, here is to hopefully rebuilding my comic collection again and doing it right this time. Here is to 2015.

Support for Like Father, Like Daughter #1 Comic Book

By : Ryan Read

 Hello Everyone,

 Today I'm showing my support for my good buddy, Kat, better known as ComicUno for her upcoming comic book, Like Father, Like Daughter on Kickstarter"Like Father, Like Daughter" is about a teenage girl whose father left her at a young age to become a full time superhero. She has to deal with seeing her father everywhere and the world loving him while she views him in his true colors as a man who abandoned his true responsibilities. The project will only be funded if the book makes its goal of $5,000 on November 9th and they are already over half way to their goal. I believe if you they get to their initial goal within the next week they will make their stretch goals to have the entire opening story. Please, show support Short Fuse Media Group to get this book out in the world. Kat was a big supporter of my own book and I hope to return the favor. I have already pledged $10 and while I really wish I could give more. If everyone one of my followers just donated just $1, the book would meet its goal in no time. Please show your support or please share this Kickstarter, it's refreshing take on comic book and I really believe this will be a great series.
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Three Kickstarter Books that lead to My Life as a Comic Book Reader Happening

By : Ryan Read

  Hey Everyone,

 With My Life as a Comic Book Reader finally reaching its conclusion to printing, I wanted to talk about three big Kickstarter campaigns that really influenced me to have my story finally see publication. The first was Molly Danger by Jamal Igle. I have been a big fan of Jamal for years and as you all know Jamal was kind enough to contribute to My Life as a Comic Book Reader with an amazing chapter insert to the book that really gave the final chapter of the book the final feel. When Jamal first put Molly Danger on Kickstarter the book just grabbed me. After being a reader and collector of comics for over 30 years. There was just something wonderful with how Jamal presented Molly and I knew it was something really special. After raising an amazing campaign for the book he is getting ready to launch book 2 this coming February and you can bet I'll be backing Jamal all the way. Thank you Jamal and also thank you Juan Castro who not only inked Jamal's work on Molly Danger but also inked the rest of my chapter inserts for my book. I never considered myself an artist when it came to a pencil but somehow my best work came in these inserts and Juan just made them look breath taking in a way I could have never imagine. Thank you for that.
  The next is The Stray by Vito Delsante, this was a book I stumbled upon during my original Kickstarter for My Life as a Comic Book Reader and just like Molly this one just hit me. I had read up on Vito's work and I remember his Superman story a while ago but it was the basis of the book that hooked me. I love legacy characters and sadly, I have seen too many swept under the rug in modern comics and The Stray just hit me as a series I wanted to back and to get. It also inspired me during my original Kickstarter to get my book going. Sadly, while the first Kickstarter wasn't successful, when I saw Stray make it, I knew I had to try again and I'm about to pick up The Stray starting in January and I'm really excited for the series. Especially with my limited budget at the moment. Thank you Vito for making a great new series and also thank you for giving me hope to try again.
  Finally, I have to thank Hark by Erin Campbell & Shannon Sutton. In 2012 when I came to my new job after over two years of dealing with unemployment, I met Erin and the two of us became friends. She left a year later to focus on her family and she talked about a book she was working on and soon enough, Hark was on Kickstarter. That book proudly stands in my home and I read it to my son whenever I get a chance but what Erin and Shannon the most was inspire me to finally bring My Life as a Comic Book Reader to life. Its true, if it wasn't for Hark this book would not exist. When I look at the finished pages now, I remember why I started this journey to begin with and if it wasn't for Erin, I know Blaine would not be here now.
   All three of them inspired me to bring a story that was written out of a very dark time to light and if it wasn't for these three books, I wouldn't be bringing this story to everyone. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they inspired me to do and what they continue to inspire me to do. Thank you everyone, My Life as a Comic Book Reader began six years ago but because of all of you, it became possible and thanks to everyone who backed and supported it, it now will become real. 


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