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The Book is finished being Drawn

By : Ryan Read
As of tonight, My Life as a Comic Book Reader has been finished by Natisha, I can't thank everyone enough. After several delays the book is moving towards wording now. My wonderful and amazing mother is working extra to have the book lettered and have final assembly together in a few weeks. After that the book will be sent away for the author copy and backers will receive the next to last proof eBook copy before final printing. Look for surveys to be sent out next week after Labor Day. Natisha is planning on finishing commissions the next few weeks while the book is being worded and I will be finishing the audio in the next two weeks and then sent out the first week of October. We are planning on having the book out to everyone in the middle and end of October. Just in time for my anniversary with my beautiful wife. Thank you everyone once again and stay tune as we move towards the final stages.

On our way to the End

By : Ryan Read
Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing great, I know I'm doing well. Why you might ask? Well, in the next week and a half, the book is finished. Yep, Natisha is working hard to finish the last 6 pages to the book and my mother is busy getting the wording and margins aligned for the pages and I'm waiting for final word on coloring for the chapter inserts. There is a delay on the inserts due to Juan and Jamal's busy schedule. After all the San Diego Comic Con is this week. The biggest comic convention of the year. I was communicating with Juan just this morning and he'll have an update on the inks by the start of next week. However, we do have a game plan on everything so we can finish up the book by the end of August.
1. Once the final pages are finished, I will be sending surveys to the backers who wanted commissioned work from Natisha. She will get those done within two days or so depending on how much detail is needed. School will be starting soon and Natisha wants to get them all finished and not rush anything.
2. Once we have all pages set and aligned we will send off for the author print and I will be sending out the PDF of the final edit to all backers who selected the reward. 
3. Once I have approved the final print, I will be ordering everyone's copies of My Life as a Comic Book Reader. These will be signed and personalized and then I will send the ones who need Natisha's signatures to her and she will then be sent back to me.
4. Once all books are finalized with signatures I will be sending them out to all backers along with their extra rewards such as posters, tshirts, ect.
5. I have already started recording the audiobook, I will be completing my part next Monday since mine is the longest recording. Recordings will be then compiled into a completed CD and MP3 and then sent out to backers. 
6. Digital trading cards will be completed by the end of August and will be sent to backers as soon as they are complete.
7. The final goal is to have all rewards out to all backers by the beginning of September. Thank you for your patience and continuing support.
  I will also be doing a book signing in the fall, I will be announcing the time and place at a later date. We're almost there and hopefully we will not be experiencing any more delays at this point (crosses fingers). Thank you everyone once again and look for more news as soon as the book is completed. 

Past the Halfway Mark News and Updates

By : Ryan Read
 Greetings Everyone,

 I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. If you have been following my main blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds I said that several updates and announcements were coming. So, I'm here to talk about them.
1. The book has officially entered into Chapter 5 which is a large mark for the book. Natisha rearranged her summer schedule so we could get the book finished in the next couple of weeks and she has delivered with Chapter 4 now complete and Chapter 5 already two pages in. The plan is to have Chapter 5 complete this weekend and then Chapter 6 by next weekend before wrapping it all up with Chapter 7. We have had so many set backs trying to get to this point it feels very refreshing to see the book coming together as such a great pace now. Once the pages are complete I will be sending out surveys for the backers who will be getting original commissions from Natisha. After that it is just finishing up the chapter inserts which is just colorization and inks and of course lettering for the book. 
2. I will be heading out of town this coming weekend and I will be having minor surgery next week end so I will not be online much for updates. Nothing really serious, just getting out with the family for a mini vacation and then having an out patient surgery which will take about a week for a full recovery. I will be getting the audiobook recordings done the last week of July. I'm going to be finalizing recording schedules with the cast and making sure everything is set to go. The editing will take about a week and I want to have a few test audiences before the final version is sent out to backers. 
3. If anyone was following the last week, Reading Rainbow had their own Kickstarter which I was a backer for and I will be submitting My Life as a Comic Book Reader for their library once the book has been completed. I was a follower and a fan of Reading Rainbow for many years and this is very exciting to be submitting my book to them later this year. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. 
4. I am also happy to announce that I will be writing a second book that will be targeted for next year. It will be a children's book that is adapted from a story I wrote not long after I finished the original outline for My Life as a Comic Book Reader. Its an original story that talks about hope, life and seeing better days ahead when you feel hope is lost. Its just so amazing that two great stories are coming to life that were born out of a very difficult time during my life and seeing them come to life by my artists just brings a smile to my face and will hopefully bring one to yours in the next couple of months. 
5. I will leave everyone with one of Natisha's pages that show a much more happier Blaine and also a sign of what to look forward too and if you notice the girl in the picture, you might have noticed her in an earlier page.

Simplier Times

By : Ryan Read
  I woke up this morning to Natisha sending me a new page that reminded me why I'm so happy that I wrote this story. We all had times like this when things seemed more simple. 


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